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Case Studies

“We Just Assumed We’d Never Own A Home; We Never Dreamed We’d Build Custom.”

Jeff and Kristin had a bankruptcy three years ago and just assumed their dream of homeownership was dead. 10% approved their loan and now they live in a 4-bedroom custom home near Norman.

“We Built Our Home For $238,000… It Appraised For $252,000.”

Dave and Rhonda didn’t have good enough credit to qualify for a construction loan, but they did qualify for a conventional mortgage. We took out the construction loan, then helped them qualify for the mortgage by meeting the 20% equity requirement: $24,000 by building below appraisal value, and $26,000 from their down payment.

“I Didn’t Realize That Our Land Could Be Used In Place Of A Down Payment.”

Steven and Claire were living in a 25-year-old single-wide mobile home and were struggling to save up a down payment on a new double-wide. 10% allowed them to use their land to secure their loan and 12 months later they moved into a custom brick and stone home with a 3-car garage.

“We Were Literally Driving To The Lot To Buy A Double-Wide When We Heard Your Ad.”

Mike and Kelly were driving to the mobile home sales lot when they heard our ad on the radio promising guaranteed approval for a custom home for landowners. We were able to get them a much lower interest rate than the mobile home sellers wanted, which allowed them to afford a bigger, nicer home than they thought they would have to settle for.

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“I Told Them My Credit Score Was Around 550, They Said ‘No Problem.’”

Justin and McKenna had missed some payments on her student loans and his credit cards, and their credit scores had suffered. They saved some money and borrowed some from his dad for a down payment, and were able to build a custom home despite a sub-600 credit score.

“We Thought It Would Take Us 10 Years To Save A Down Payment… Turns Out, We Didn’t Need One.”

Craig and Stacy wanted to buy a home for themselves and their 3 small children. When Craig got a better job, they were finally able to start saving money toward the down payment—knowing it would take them about 10 years to save enough. When they found out they could build on the land Stacy had inherited from her grandparents, they skipped the 10 year wait and built their new custom home right away.

“Our New Home Is The Same Quality You See On Half-Million-Dollar Homes.”

Just because you have poor credit doesn’t mean you have to settle for a low-quality home. Jim and Carrol were surprised at the care and quality that went into their 2,400 square foot custom home.

“We Inherited 60 Acres From My Parents And Used It To Get Approved For A Custom Home.”

Many of our customers have inherited land—often in the country—from relatives. Clark and Cindy inherited 60 acres from his parents, but had no idea they could use it to secure a loan. They rented for 6 years until they heard 10%'s ad on the radio and started the process of building their custom dream home.

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