How can you guarantee approval, even if I have a low credit score?

It’s real simple: We have lenders that will approve projects as long as there is 20% equity in the home. We can always get to 20% equity with a combination of your land or down payment, PLUS our ability to build homes for less money than other builders. Here’s an example: You put 10% ($22,000) down on a home we build and sell to you for $220,000. The home appraises for $250,000. This means you move in with $52,000 equity (your $22,000 down payment plus $30,000 in value), which equals 21% equity. We can get that approved with one of our lenders all day, every day, regardless of credit. We can get that approved with one of our lenders all day, every day, regardless of credit.

What if I have bankruptcies or can’t verify my income?

We can still work with you. We have several different lending programs to cater to different financial and credit situations. Here is how our client profiles break down:

Note that the percentages above are not exact, and that we have MANY different programs available that cater to individual situations. We can find a way to help you build a custom home!

What if I have good credit—are you still a good fit for me?

Absolutely! You’ll get a high-quality custom home for less money than you’d pay elsewhere. About 20% of our customers fit into this category.

You say you build for less than other custom builders—how is that so?

We’ve been building homes for over 20 years in this area. We know how to build for less without cutting quality corners. We have an extensive network of sub-contractors, and an expertise in managing the design and building process for maximum efficiency. In short, we are a highly experienced, well-oiled building machine! That allows us to consistently sell homes for less money than other builders.

When you say custom home, what exactly do you mean?

We mean full custom. We have access to home plans that you can start from and modify, or we can put you in touch with architects to start from scratch. You’re 100% in control of the look, feel, finish, size, and location of your home. We have experienced staff to help you every single step of the way—so even if you know nothing about building a home, you’ll find the process to be fun and easy.